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Young Leaders

Young Leaders of the Eastern Shore is made up of individuals ranging from 21-39 who are striving to make a difference not only in their careers but also in their surrounding communities.

Through groups like the Young Professionals, Emerging Leaders, and Jaycees, the future of the Eastern Shore can gain support to propel one another forward via connection, support, and empowerment.

Presentation Workshop:

Did you know that every verbal communication you engage in is a presentation?

Join fellow young leaders in this two-part miniseries to develop effective communication skills and refine your presentation capabilities to better prepare you for your next public speaking opportunity.


  • Participate in workshops with your peers to practice powerful body language and verbal expression techniques.
  • Learn how to eliminate filler words and develop ways to add impact to your message.
  • Practice ways to engage your audience to promote participation and active listening.
  • Develop techniques to run effective meetings to ensure each meeting is clear and focused and allows for objectives to move forward.
  • Receive constructive feedback from your peers and tips/exercises to utilize in real-world situations.

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