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Eastern Shore Leadership Institute

New Focus Group: Communication Skills to Reduce Conflict and Increase Efficacy

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Cathy Diekmann, M.A.

Photo of Cathy Diekmann M.A.

How we communicate and respond to conflict affects our ability to lead and how others view our leadership competency. In this workshop, participants will learn to:

Identify how conflict perspective can influence cooperation, escalation, and de-escalation.

Regulate emotional response to conflict.

Structure communication to build leadership confidence, credibility, and finesse.

Ask questions that help unearth information and strengthen relationships.

Enjoy “Aha!” moments that demonstrate why communicating through conflict is both tricky and rewarding.

Date: March 20th 11:30a-1p
Location: The Community Foundation of The Eastern Shore

As always this is first come first served.
Space is strictly limited to 30 participants. Be sure to act soon.

Hope to see you there!

Fee: $20 and lunch will be served.

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